Krungthep Tea Time – Winter Park, FL

Mai Hiro and Droolius recently went on another food adventure. Our mission was to support a local, unique spot.

My sis, Pimluck, highly recommended that I check out this place and assured me I would really enjoy it. I took her advice and met up with my bro, Julius Droolius Mayo Jr., at Krungthep Tea Time.

This new Thai fusion tea place was just opened by one of our recent Full Sail University graduates.

They offer a large variety of coffee selections and they brew their own tea and coffee.

There’s also a really cool spot where guests can take selfies and tag @krungthep_teatime.

The menu can be find on their Facebook page.

I loved their Thai Iced Tea.  I’ve tasted some Thai Iced Teas that are way too sweet but at Krungthep, it has the perfect balance of sweetness.

Julius ordered the Graprow Chicken Salad.  I’m not a huge fan of spicy food, but I really enjoyed all of the different spices they had in the salad I ordered.

You know my motto of, “sharing is caring,” so we ordered different sandwiches so that we could try each other’s sandwiches.  We ordered the Tiger is Crying and the Satay Satay.  Not only were the sandwiches delicious but the salad was super tasty and topped with Krungthep’s homemade special dressing.

For dessert, we ordered the crispy brick toast, Ka-Ti, which had coconut ice cream, condensed milk, and peanuts.

We also ordered the crispy brick toast, ChaCha, which was matcha flavored.

The Thai Ice Coffee was highly recommend by co-founder, Pemika.  I’m glad because it was the best iced coffee!

I really enjoyed the food and drinks and the service and quality was awesome!  The owners and staff at Krungthep Tea Time have really taken an original idea and fused it with a Thai style that makes this place super one-of-a-kind.


Address: 1051 W Fairbanks Ave, Winter Park, FL 32789

Phone: (407) 733-3561


Instagram: @krungthep_teatime



Edited by Larnna Thompson