Royal China Restaurant / Tea House – ATL , GA

Today I’m super excited to see my bro from my work. I have met Eric and work with him several years in Full Sail. I’m so happy he’s doing well for his higher education. finally we able to arrange a time to have lunch

after he moves out Orlando it is hard for us to catch up. so we made this plan to loca a dim sum place call royal china restaurant .

we also have several local friends join us. the place is very clean fresh. we order several traditional plates.

for sure you cant skip the egg tart, the egg tart shows the restaurant level because you need to be a master skill making the egg tarts and more layer is better skills. so far in Orlando I havent see any good egg tarts, for sure the one I have now is so good.

the seaseme ball mix with white sesame and black sesame has different flavor with sweetness,

every dishes was great and original. we probably doesn’t have this level dim sum compare in ATL.

thanks again to Eric for driving down to meet me. hopefully we will see each other soon.

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