Bari-Uma Ramen – Jakarta , Indonesia

This new place was recommend by my friend, Joshua. The night we went, we had a special guest join us — Indra G Masribani, founder of “ToyKultur.”This ramen place is different than any other noodle place because their belief is that in order to have a tasty bowl of ramen, it must have a super rich and thick soup. Needless to say I was very excited to try this spot.

Bari-Uma Ramen also offers a happy hour menu and a great deal on combos.

This restaurant is unique. The color chopstick you choose determines what type of ramen you get — red for pork and black for chicken.

The Chicken Gyoza was really good and different from what I’ve had before


Bari means, “Super” and Uma means, “Tasty.”Their signature dish, Bariuma, is a pork flavor shoyu soup with grilled, thick-cut chashu and extra Nori seaweed.

Chashu-Uma and extra topping. Ajitama and pork.

The ramen had so much flavor! Spiki and I plan to come back in 2016!

Location: Bariuma Ramen, City Walk Mall Sudirman Level 1 Unit 5, Jl.

KH Mas Mansyur Kavling 121, Central Jakarta

Phone: 29704018

Opening hours: 10.00-22.00


Edited by: Larnna Thompson