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In 2008, the Mai Hiro brand was created as a joint venture when Nakanari came in contact with a local Orlando artist; Soujohn. Since then the brand’s focus has been on strong character design and illustrations. While welcoming all opportunities for collaborations with other artists and companies Mai Hiro’s vision is to bring its unique and innovative style to all possible forms of media.

The world of Mai Hiro is full of unique patterns and bright colors which help our creations take on their own interesting lives and storylines. Each of their original characters has an imaginative background story and adventures that allow us to express a full range of ideas. Nakanari serves as project and creative director with brand collaboration in toy design. While Soujohn serves as the brand art director and PR rep.

In 2012 the Maihiro Team added new talent to their crew. Nico, Susan Lee and Devon. Maihiro has been constantly working with well know brands like: Kidrobot, Gibson Guitar, BOBLBEE, SE Bike, Velocity Wheels, GoodWood NYC, Puff Nation and many more.

Tony Shiau (Nakanari)是來自台灣高雄的設計師,約1993年左右移民至美國發展,目前定居在Florida。 Nakanari是個不曾接受過正規設計課程訓練的藝術工作者, 2008年開始和朋友soujohn合作,創立自有品牌Mai Hiro. Nakanari的創作風格獨特,擅長以新鮮活潑的色彩營造出生動的圖像,創作的角色線條明快俐落,色彩明亮而豐富,同時其角色設定,具有強烈個人特色,將藝術元素融入玩具設計概念,頗受好評。 2004年開始, Nakanari陸續與國內外潮流及設計品牌單位合作,合作對象包含知名台灣玩具品牌B.B.Birdy ,擔任其品牌設計師,並曾任Funny club show策展人,展出Funny Club公仔系列, Gibson Guitars “Art Assault”主題。 其他合作對象遍及國際潮流品牌,包含Kidrobot,Kuso Vinyl LLC ,Boblbee, The Dirty Cream,Crazy Labe, Toyqube, Skullove, Kanching Brand,3-Mix,Scoot Attack,Gibson Guitars等。

Larnna ThompsonLarnna Thompson, Editor

Born and raised in Orlando, Larnna (pronounced la-na) attended West Orange High School, where she met her husband, and then went on to complete her Bachelors degree in Radio/Television: Broadcast Journalism at the University of Central Florida. She is a mother to a beautiful little girl and adorable fur baby. In her free time, Larnna enjoys attending live concerts, singing, writing, baking, and trying new restaurants. You can see many of her food posts, and more, on her Instagram, @dessertforyoursenses.

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