Spiki’s Java Adventure 2014 Day 1

I finally made it through the long flight. I got some good rest and started my Indonesia adventure.

I never thought I would get to go to Indonesia so I was very excited to see something new and explore the local food scene and culture.

So the first local thing Joshua gave me was American soda – wait what?! While the same in every aspect, the serving is really tiny.

Joshua took the time to show me around his area – Ancol Beach. We also took this opportunity to check out a place that he will be moving to soon. Let me just say that the house is beautiful and has lots of room for display toys! We then hit up the local super market by his pad for some local snacks and awesome goodies.

This is Budi. He is the co-owner of Plastic Culture. He has an amazing personality, extremely friendly, and super cool. Just like me, Budi enjoys food. I hope that next year that I will have tons of room in my belly for Budi’s food journey.

We decided to go to a local seafood spot. It was delicious!

Asian fruits that we don’t have in the USA. The dip is a spicy peanut sauce.

Awesome local desserts.

Sari Asem Asli. It’s a drink. It was good.

Josh and Budi helped order for me since I can’t read Bahasa. They chose a lot of awesome dishes for me to try.

dinner time with Grace Kusnadi at Pacific Place Mall.

Make sure to check out my next vlog, where we’ll exploring more local food.



Edited by Larnna Thompson