Spiki’s Java Adventure 2014

This was the most exciting trip, EVER! I want to give a huge thanks to PopCon’s Grace Kusnadi and Plastic Culture’s Joshua Artono for inviting me to Indonesia to attend this event.

Prior to the event, I was working super hard, over a 2 month period, preparing customs, collaboration projects, Keynote presentations, and my, “Lucky Cat Spiki,” which was exclusive to the convention. But I have to say, next to preparation, the trip to Indonesia was a preparation on its own.

From Orlando to Jakarta, I was in the air for more than 24 hours and needed to take 3 connecting flights.

Start: Orlando, Florida USA

1st Stop: Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas USA


Typically Spiki and I experience amazing food no matter where we go! American Airlines… well, no comment.

13+ hours later, I finally made it to Japan’s Narita International Airport.

Now….on to the 3rd connecting flight to Jakarta.

I was surprised I had time to take pictures of the famous Tokyo Banana!

Looking to fly to Japan? Fly Japan Airlines. It was my first time, but man they are classy. Great customer service, great meal, and even Häagen-Daas for dessert!


My first experience traveling to Indonesia, I was nervous and many people were offering me their taxi services right when I was walking out of the airport. A few minutes later, Josh showed up and took care of everything.

After we settled down, we decided to grab some local dessert and drinks.


Yummy! Boba is very popular here in Jakarta, just like in many other countries. Make sure you to check out my next post!



Edited by Larnna Thompson