Spiki’s Java Adventure 2014 – UIC Unisadhuguna Day 1

Afte a very busy day at Popcon Asia, I was able to talk at an event with a local college, UIC Unisadhuguna.  The school, in collaboration with Popcon Asia, wanted to give students an opportunity to participate in a creative event with a local speaker and share some of their ideas and experiences.

I was honored to speak with local designer and artist, Untung Wang.  Untung was also a lecturer at UIC, sharing his design experience with clients.

I was so excited and nervous because it was my first international speaking event, but luckily they gave me a very big welcome.

There was also a Q&A session.

Thank you to UIC for preparing a small gathering after the class so we could have some time to network and chat.

I love meeting new people and hearing their stories.

I’m truly thankful for Joshua and Grace for allowing me the opportunity to share my knowledge with UIC Unisadhuguna.  This experience was such a memorable time in my life.



Edited by Larnna Thompson