Spiki’s Java Adventure 2014 – UIC Unisadhuguna Day 2

This is my second day at UIC Unisadhuguna.  They had a 3-day event for local artists.

By the way, this is Josh, one of the funniest guys I’ve ever met in my life.  He’s such a cool dude and made sure I was well taken care of.



This is the first time I saw the actual banner for this event.  Thanks UIC Design College!

This is the Head of Campus for Unisadhuguna’s International Education, Aimee Sukesna.

I brought some of my work to show all the students who came to this event.  Hopefully, I was able to inspire them.

UIC invited 4 different high schools with students who are interested in majoring in art.

Tamish Aswani, Creative Force Director for @Aglxyco, and his partner, Giorgi Krisno, are sharing their experiences with the students.

We had a small contest to interact with the students.  We asked each of them to build their own brand and present it to us.

Some of them had some really amazing ideas!

Here, some of the students who made it to the final round of the competition, presented their ideas which gave them a chance to speak in front of an audience.  This definitely helped build their confidence and experience what it would be like to pitch an idea to a group of people.

Our final winners!

And of course, a group photo with all the students.


Thanks UIC Design College staff.  Here, we are doing our best rendition of Tamish’s signature pose.

We also did some dooddles on the school wall to leave our signature mark as a guest.


Photo Credit: Unisadhuguna

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Edited by Larnna Thompson