Spiki’s Java Adventure 2014 – Last Day

Time flew by so quickly and my trip is almost over.  I really enjoyed everything in Jakarta and it makes me want to come back again next year for even more new experiences.

Joshua took me back to Mangga Dua for some quick shopping and breakfast.  This giant flea market has everything you need from food to clothing to electronics.

My favorite iced tea now.

One day I will try the BAJAJ Auto Rickshaw but a lot of the locals did not recommend it because it’s unsafe.


We got a chance to check out a local event called Brightspot Market.  Our friend, Kendy, had a booth so we went in and checked it out.

After that, it was time to meet with Natasha.  She was helping set up an interview for TTC.  Thanks for inviting me to hang out.

Thanks Natasha, for making me some macarons.

Finally it’s dinner time.  The place we went to was set up like an open buffet — you pay for what you eat.  They go by the honor system so based on how much you tell them you ate, that’s how much they will charge you for.  Don’t lie because these people will know.

This kitty cat was just chillin’.

The time came for me to pack and leave lovely Jakarta.  I would highly recommend that everyone check out this beautiful country with such rich culture and friendly people.  I will definitely be back!

After 20+ hours of traveling, we landed safely back in the U.S.  Home sweet home.  See you next year, Indonesia!






Edited by Larnna Thompson