Spiki’s Java Adventure 2015 – Orlando to Jakarta

One year ago, it was just an idea. This year, that idea became a reality when Spiki’s “Java Adventure” went on the road and headed to Indonesia. The project started in Jakarta and went on to Surabaya and Bali.My journey began from Orlando to Washington, D.C., then to Japan, and finally Jakarta. It took more than 24 hours to arrive in Indonesia!

Early morning choice: Starbucks or smoothie. I decided to go the healthy route and chose the smoothie as the winner! (Shoutout to my red lucky Spiki cat for being my my travel companion!)

This was my first time stopping in Washington, D.C. I had to take the subway train to get to international terminal.

I arrived at Narita International Airport in Japan 13 hours later.

Looks like we were still on time to Jakarta but still have another 8 hours to go.

I finally arrived to Jakarta, Indonesia. Special thanks to Joshua for picking me up!

More to come in the next blog 🙂


Edited by: Larnna Thompson