POPTALK Conclave – Jakarta, Indonesia

Thank you to Natasha who took me to an awesome coffee spot called, “Giyanti Coffee Roastery,” while I was in Jakarta.

I really enjoyed the place. The outdoor is so relaxing with great quality coffee.

We ended up coming early because of Popcon Asia. Grace helped arrange this event in association with the Kreavi team.

The event was hosted in Conclave, which was a creative space. It was amazing! So amazing that I totally forgot to take some pictures because I was too busy checking this place out.



Here, I’m wearing my new Plastic Culture x Spiki tee.


Thank you to my friend, Timmy, who came to support me.

Johana from Kreavi.

Andi also came to the event.

The event host.

Thank you to Yansen Kamto, the Chief Executive – KIBAR, for inviting a lot of great local talent to share their experiences.

After the main introduction, is showtime.

I shared my personal story about my toy journey.

The experience was amazing. Even though we all come from different backgrounds, we all have the same passion and love.

I had to leave early for another event but I was so grateful to everyone who came to the event.

Photo by: POPTALK, POPCON ASIA, Natasha Victoria Lucas

Address: Wijaya 1 No. 5C Jakarta, Indonesia
Website: m.me/cnclvco
Phone: +62 21 27510239


Edited by Larnna Thompson