Kumpul Kreavi / Pelita Harapan University – Karawaci Tangerang, Indonesia

I always want to share my knowledge and experience with others.

When I was invited by Joanna, to come speak at Pelita Harapan University, I was extremely excited.

A big thank you to the Kreavi team for helping put together a local platform for artists to host their artwork.

I was honored to be able to share my knowledge with local entrepreneurs and designers for an event called Disassemble: Studying Relationship Between Product Design and Business Strategy.

I had the opportunity to speak with Agam Hanafiah Pengurus ADPII div. Partnership, senior designer at Brodo Footwear, and Marshall Utoyo Co Founder at Fabelio, Conclave.


Thank you to Joshua for chauffeuring me around.

Thank you to Reinarddy and Eric for coming all the way out to supporting me.

Indoneisa Mcd came with rice and it was so good!

The event was open to the public and it was exciting to meet so many great young, talented people.

My friend, Timmy, who is one of my favorite Indonesian artists.

Thanks to Sofia Sambuaga (@sofiakrisaga) for the awesome sketch while we spoke.

We also did a Q&A session. Thank you to everyone who asked questions. I really enjoyed answering them.

Thanks Kreavi team and Pelita Harapan University’s student staff for helping out during this great event. The most valuable part of our journey was meeting new people. I’m grateful to keep moving forward and to be able to see the world. There will definitely be more blogs dedicated to my travels.

Photo credit by Reinarddy and Kreavi

Please check out the complete post at: http://kumpul.kreavi.com/episode/23


Edited by Larnna Thompson