Baby Shower for Baby Shiau

My wife and I are super excited for our first baby to arrive this year!

We decided to have a baby shower with some of our close friends and family.

I want to thank my sister-in-law for helping us plan and set up everything.

Also, a special thanks to La Zucre Cake Boutique for making our cake.

I finally got to meet little Alana (my friend, Mike’s daughter).

My good buddy, David, came all the way here from Panama City.

I made some of the food.

My sis from work, Nijji came too.

Katherine and Jason

Thank you to Alex and Hobbe for coming and helping out.

Thanks for coming, Gigi.

My friend, Dave.

My friend, Mike, who has always supported my work since the first day we met. We have done so many projects together and he owns one of the biggest Maihiro paintings in town.

Mama Gigi

Dave has been a longtime friend of mine, since I starting designing toys. We met at a local show called, FX Show, and became great friends. He’s such an awesome dude.

My editor and good friend, Larnna, and her family came too. She helps me with building the new website and takes care of my social media channels.

Thank you to everyone for coming. We are so glad we have such wonderful friends and family.


Photo Credit: Alex Li




Edited by Larnna Thompson