Forward Factory – Surabaya, Indonesia

After a great breakfast from threeOsix Specialty Coffee Brewers, we headed to Forward Factory, where a local speaking event was being hosted to support the local community.

The start up company scene is huge right now for so many young people who want start a new business based on what their passionate about.

While in Surabaya, I was able to speak about the creation of the Maihiro brand, alongside friends who wanted to share their insight on creating their brands. My friends each shared their own story and experiences on how their brands were created and developed.

I was joined by Natasha Victoria Lucas, food stylist; Indra G. Masribani, toy artist/blogger; and Budi Tandiono, toy distributor/owner.

Natasha’s love of food, photography, and travel led her to begin her own food and travel blog,, five years ago. She also does Food Styling & Photography and has worked with many reputable restaurants such as, Union Group, Opco Group, and Pullman Hotel. Currently, Natasha has her own culinary television show, named after her blog, “Yummy Traveler,” which has been aired on the Foodie Channel (First Media).

Founder of, Indra G. Masribani, is a Bachelor of Art graduate from Curtin University Australia. Indra has been drawing doodles on the back of his notebook since middle school and fell in love with designer toys such as Trexi and Mad*L. Indra has been actively collecting toys since 2010. He doodled his own character, Gacha, in 2014 and made it into a figure that same year. He then released the first colorway in March 2015.

Toy distributor/owner, Budi Tandiono, has a bachelors in marketing and a diploma in filmmaking. He is a husband and father, blessed to have a wife that supports his hobby of collecting toys. Although Budi is still new at collecting toys he enjoys learning about the toys he collects and is also a film and movie enthusiast. Budi is also co-owner of Plastic Culture.


I was really impressed with the space. It was very nice and clean.

The sign showed a quote from Gandhi.

Inside had a very industrial vibe with a nice installation and mural.

Thank you to Rendy for coming.

Thank you to the event host, Ria Lyzara.

I was the first person to speak.

I’ve always loved Disney’s vision.

Indra talked about his toy journey.

BOT, brotherhood toys

The next speaker was Natasha.

Budi talked about how he turned toy collecting into a business.

Thank you to everyone who came out to support this event. A special thanks to Surabaya Start Up and Forward Factory.

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Edited by Larnna Thompson