Surabaya to Bali, Checking Out Our Villa

I want to thank Budi for helping me out on my first trip to Bali.

I was super excited to visit Bali this time around and made sure I had a couple of extra days to spend there. After a busy schedule in Surabaya, we met with Joshua in Bali.

To Bali from Surabaya, it took less than an hour by plane. While in the air, we were able to see many mountains and islands.

This is the view of Bali before we landed.

A few quick pics of Bali airport.

When we arrived, Budi showed me a place called Roti’o, which is an Indonesian franchise that makes awesome freshly baked bread. It was great for a quick bite.

There was no traffic.

We arrived at our villa and it looked amazing!

We had our own private pool in our villa.

After settling down, we planned to go on more food adventures, so be sure to check out more of our Bali adventure.



Edited by Larnna Thompson