Mochi Dochi Pop Up! / East End Market – Orlando, FL

Thanks to my editor, Larnna, she recommended that I check out a local pop-up event, by a local business, at East End Market.

We arrived a little early the event and there was already a line of people, waiting to get their hands on some mochi donuts by Mochi Dochi.

Since it was St. Patrick’s Day weekend, some lucky customers received a pandan and pistachio mochi donut.  

It was $13 for half a dozen donuts. A single donut was $2.50.

The flavors for St. Patrick’s Day weekend were:

• Guava & Cheese⁣
• Black Sesame⁣
• Taro Pebbles ⁣
• Matcha Oreos⁣

The line moved quickly and the staff was very friendly and nice.

We were able to grab half a dozen mochi donuts and took them home to enjoy.

The matcha one was my favorite. The other mochi donut flavors were very tasty.

Address: East End Market Courtyard, 3201 Corrine Dr., Orlando, Florida 32803

IG: @mochidochico


Edited by Larnna Thompson