A huge thank you to Will, of William Gillette Photography, for coming to our place and taking Neesa’s first PORTRAITS.

This was my first time participating in a newborn photoshoot.

Will brought lots of stuff — accessories, fabric, and props.

Having Will come to the house was so convenient and made it easier for us to take care of Neesa’s needs during the photoshoot.
There’s a huge selection of props you can choose from for each photo.
Will had an extreme amount of patience, working with baby Neesa. He really took the time to calm her down if she was fussy and made sure she was comfortable in each photo.

We were even able to add some of our own personal touches. Neesa was totally cool with taking a picture with Spiki.

The whole experience was fun. Will captured the coolest photos of our baby girl. Be for to check out his website and IG at: https://www.williamgillette.comWilliam/ and @williamgillettephotography.

Edited by Larnna Thompson