Surprise Package from Luden’s® Throat Drops

I always love sharing what I pick up online.

One of my favorite Supreme collaborations is with Luden’s®.

Supreme is also famous for their accessories and collaborations so I bought some of the Throat Drops for my personal collection.

When I posted this photo, Luden’s commented on it and asked me to DM them my address.

Their team replied back to me within a half hour and few days later, a package arrived with an awesome surprise.

They packaged the items with their own branded tissue paper. So cool!

The package included a Supreme tee, stickers, and a pair of earbuds.

Thank you to  Luden’s® for sending this package. I really appreciate it and I’m very lucky to have received such a wonderful gift.

A lot of brands can learn from Luden’s by reaching out to the consumer with their products, giving people the opportunity to review and post about their company.

Edited by Larnna Thompson