ROYCE’ Chocolate – Nama Chocolate

I was super excited to see my Indonesian friends when they were visiting Orlando for business. Eric Lesmana / @gottalovthesethings was able to make some time for me during his busy schedule. He mentioned to me that he might stop by Japan for a connecting flight and picked up some of my favorite ROYCE’ Chocolate for me!

Make sure you pay extra for special packaging to keep them cool since the flight is 10+ hours.

Eric got me 2 matcha, Ganache Champagne Chocolate, and CHOCOLATE “AU LAIT.”

It’s premium milk chocolate that melts in your mouth. I need a whole year supply! I really appreciate Eric bringing them to me.

I also got a couple of cool toys. They had my favorite cartoon, Adventure Time, as toys in the kid happy meals.
Hope to see you again soon, Eric!

Edited by Larnna Thompson