Lomie “Amen” Pinangsia – Jakarta, Indonesia

We had to leave Bali and get back to Jakart for my event at Institute Kesenian Jakarta (Jakarta Institute of Arts).

After the event, Joshua took me to this area in Jakarta Barat (West Jakarta) to try some local, legendary food – Lomie “Amen” Pinangsia.

This place specializes in Lo Mie. I think many American-Chinese fast food offers Lomie but it’s definitely not the same.

According to locals, this place has been selling Lomie for more than 40 years and is part of their food culture’s history.

Josh also showed me this new street food I had never seen before, called Kue Ape or serabi which means tittie cakes because apparently it looks like breasts.

It’s like a pancake with a soft and fluffy center, surrounded with thin and crispy crepes.

It’s a very popular traditional street food commonly found in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta and other major cities.

They put the pancake in a bag which reminded me of street snacks from my childhood.

Lomie “Amen” Pinangsia
Jl. Pinangsia Timur No. 12A
West Jakarta

Edited by Larnna Thompson