Institut Kesenian Jakarta (Jakarta Institute of Arts) – Jakarta, Indonesia

After filling up our stomachs with delicious noodles and tasty snacks, we headed to Institut Kesenian Jakarta (Jakarta Institute of Arts) which is the first art school in Jakarta.

I invited my colleague from Singapore, Surin. Thank you for joining!

Also, thanks to Ryan and Walid for helping to arrange this event. It was such an honor to speak at the very first art school in Jakarta.

We also had some local friends who came that are IKJ alumni.

Inside the campus there is art on every wall, similar to the Miami art basel.

Josh gave me this drink to help me since I wasn’t feeling well.

The new building was under construction.

This was the room we met the students in.

Even the stairs had a bunch of cool art.

Thanks to Joshua for coming with me to this event so we could talk about the toy industry and art.

Josh helped with translating.

It felt great to meet with students.

One of the students, Nadyne, became a friend after the event. We still chat sometimes about how things are with school.

A big thank you to Institut Kesenian Jakarta and Walid for arranging this event.

They gave me a campus tour to check out their classrooms and facilities.

This trip was exhausting but definitely worth it.

Edited by Larnna Thompson