FOML interview

First Time- 回憶到西元2000年的時候,當我從美國回到我的家鄉台灣時,在一個機緣下我的目光被一個不像我之前所認知的玩具所吸引著,此款Michael Lau所設計的玩具,以簡單但是卻充滿著街頭文化的元素設計,強烈散發出設計師的原創力,也因為這個公仔徹底改變我對於玩具市場的想法,因為ML的原創力 將原本只是拿來把玩的玩具轉換成藝術創作收藏作品,徹底改變了玩具給人的印象。

I recall that around early 2000, I was back home in Taiwan, and my attention was caught by toys that were unlike any that I had seen before. While the design so were simple they were so unique with their apparent street influence. A strong feeling of the designer’s creative vision came over me. These vinyl toys really changed my mind about the toy market because Michael’s vision turned a simple plaything into a 3-D art piece.

My favorites-

因為我本身就非常喜愛知名球鞋品牌NIKE AF1系列的鞋款,因此對於ML的作品中,我特別喜愛Mr. Shoe! 以知名品牌的當紅系列鞋款加上ML獨特的設計風格的下所創造出來的Mr. Shoe,進行一系列展覽及活動,讓當時候的我非常愛不釋手!

另外我也非常喜歡CC19 Junkie!把一個實際在生活上的人物以公仔的方式呈現,真的是一個非常吸引人的設計發想!我喜歡此款公仔所有的細節,因為其創作以週遭的朋友為基礎, 將此人物的人格特質以及外型集結在設計細節中,因此我認為此款公仔也屬於ML的經典作品之一!

I like Michael Mr. Shoes…since I have always been a huge fan of Nike AF1. I thought his exhibition that the piece accompanied was brilliant mix of his style with the famous sport brand. I also really like Michael Lau’s CC#19 Junkie. The concept of turning a living, breathing person into a toy is an appealing idea, and truly an modern twist on a classic artistic activity. I like the detail of the figure, and that personality traits related to the person is integrated into these toys. Michael seems to catch every small detail to make this a representative of the original friend on whom it is based.




Although it is nowhere near museum quality, sometimes I like to open the box holding the figure and then display it inside a series of glass cases. Since the box is an extension of the art, I keep them as well. Some really rare ones, I will leave them inside their boxes to keep them protected for years to come.

-To ML-


I wanna thank him for keeping me creatively inspired; he is never afraid to challenge himself artistically. I believed he success comes from being such a hard worker and never stop trying to do new things. Because of his influence and way of working, my slogan is “design by belief.”


Interview by: FoML/ Brandon Liao

Translation : Brandon Liao

Photot By : Mike Begonia