Hollywood Studios | Extreme Stunt Show – Walt Disney World

Disney has always held great memories for me, especially since my parents were cast members and we would spend time together at there.

The last few days, I was digging through my external hard drive and found some old photos.

I still remember when this ride was introduced to me by my dad. He really enjoy this show.

The show was previously sponsored at Walt Disney Studios Park by General Motors and Opel division. It originally premiered at Walt Disney Studios in March 2002. Unfortunately, the show closed on April 2, 2016 for the construction of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

This is the front entrance and also had an Opel car display.

This is the view from the seating area.

The arena can fit 5,000 audience members and the show lasts for 38 minutes.

The show is very entertaining and runs like a real film production.

They usually explain what type of car modification there is and some of them had motorcycle motors so car could go faster and quicker.

Special guest, Lightning McQueen.

The show has a lot of action, with bikes, car chases, and an explosive finale.

I still remember sitting in the arena with my father, during the summer. Unfortunately, he passed away a few years ago.

I’m always thankful to him because we were able to have the opportunity to come to this wonderful place. The show may be gone but I will always remember these moments with my father.

Edited by Larnna Thompson