NIKEiD Metallic Gold Olympic Options

Nike Sportswear has been celebrating the Rio Olympics by releasing special edition features. A plethora of both new and iconic USA-themed running models pave the way for more Gold Medal wins.

Today, we see the return of “Liquid Metal” look with new NIKEiD options on the Nike Air Force 1 and Nike Air Max 90.

I decided to get the AF 1high top. I was so excited for my first customized AF1 by nike.

The box looked more square, compared to the regular AF 1 box.

The side has NikeiD on it.

The customizable option has flags from many different countries.

On the back, you can pick your own text or letter to personalize it.

The Liquid Metal looks awesome! I was going to get the silver one for my 2nd option, but the sole has option the lunar sole option but will cost more.

Overall, the price is little higher but has a lot of cool personalization options.

Edited by Larnna Thompson