Pacsun x Fear Of God Essentials collection.

Jerry Lorenzo’s the owner of the Fear of God diffusion line, recently released an exclusive line with Pacsun. The Prices range from $40 to $350 US. Personally, I think this type of line doesn’t meet the standards as original F.O.G products. The price and design didn’t balance at all. the simple design and overcharged price for sure the line will end up on the clearance rack at Pacsun.

I was able to get the solid yellow on black color on their sales page. .

For the black tee I was lucky to be able to check the local store for the design before the release. Overall I think  Jerry and PacSun still try clearing up the stuff leftover from season one into today, sadly the sale and quality and design didn’t balance well, many FOG fans commented the design being way too boring to pay for the high price.