Sunday Unlimited Lunch at Dragonfly Robata Grill & Sushi

After my favorite restaurant Aki closed, we found this new place from my coworkers. We have been checking all the reviews and details and finally were able to arrange some time to invite my friend’s Andy and my mom to have a great Sunday brunch together.

Dragonfly Robata Grill & Sushi is a local restaurant in the Dr. Phillips area,which is famous for high-end restaurants.

Neesa and I were ready for our Sunday brunch. The Sunday Unlimited Lunch starts at 11:00 am – 2:00 pm Every Sunday only! an all you can eat $39.00 Adults & $19 Children.

inside interior looks amazing. I love the clean installation.

The wait time is short and quick. take only about a few minutes till the orders are being made.

Select adult beverages with all you can eat selection food will be $45.00.

Also this open kitchen style is nice and clean, you can see how they prepare the food or the chef making sushi in front of you.

The sashimi looks great and fresh, the cut is perfect too

Nigiri selection looks so good. this probably my favorite. Tuna ,salmon
and white tuna

Dessert selection of Japanese Inspired Desserts

Salads with Ginger dressing.

Cauliflower salad is amazing too.

DIY Bao selection, you can make your own Bao!

The shrimp cocktail is fresh and I really enjoyed them too .

Some hot food selections with mushroom fried rice

Now is time for chow down. we already have our food lined up!

Neesa is waiting for her food too.

The hand rolled sushi is amazing to taste too, my first bite I can already taste the freshness from the fish.

I was impressed with the sushi. the balance with the rice are is done very well.

The size was perfect, not to much rice like other place that overdo it.

Next to the sushi table is the Made to Order Poké small selection bowl, I like the color and selection, simple and spicy.

The great thing for this unlimited brunch is the hot food order. Most of the order are small sizes like snacks, they only took several minutes to come out. So andy ordered Pork Ramen bean sprouts, menma, mayu, beni shoga, hard boiled egg, tonkotsu broth, scallion.

My wife ordered the Takoyaki (octopus fritters), Japanese mayo, takoyaki sauce, aonori, bonito flakes, beni shoga, she love this plate she ordered it twice.

The grilled octopus, love the presentation. Is super delicious aswell.

We never skip the Miso soup every time we dine in a Japanese restaurant. This miso soup also offered a nice selection with mushroom, tofu, and seaweed,.

I would highly recommend trying the Robata Grilled vegetable corn, turnips, baby carrots, really impressive how they were able made it so delicious by grilled with some simple seasoning,

Japanese Slider beef burger on fresh-baked bun, shiso, fried shallots, cabbage, tomato, honey wasabi mayo, this probably one of the best burgers I’ve ever had.

Dessert-of-the-Day Choose from a selection of Japanese Inspired Desserts

The dessert was also served with some fresh fruit. I love the passion fruit flavor, it makes the dessert taste makes not to sweet. The blueberry /strawberry chocolate cake is amazing.

Loung area had nice installations by Omikuji: Fortune-telling paper strips, about Omikuji check this link :

Thanks Andy for joining with us. I really enjoyed everything from Dragonfly, from experience to all the small food details, so impressed with the food quality and their customer service. I wish I can try everything this time we are so full from having all sushi selection. For sure this going be our treat visiting every month to have a nice Sunday lunch.