I’ve been a huge fan of  IKEA for a long time! I love the furniture designs they offer at a reasonable price.

But I loved them even more when they started incorporating an art series.

The fourth series of the IKEA Art Event continues to make art affordable for everyone while exploring the imaginative world connected to figurines.

They came up with the idea to invite a bunch of different artists that are typically familiar to most people by way of designer toys.

For this year’s limited-edition series of the IKEA Art Event, IKEA invited artists from Indonesia, and several other countries, which included our friends: Arkiv Vilmansa, Coarse, James Jarvis, Joe Ledbetter, Junko Mizuno, Ludvig Löfgren, Michael Lau, and Nathan Jurevicius to the Målerås glass factory in southern Sweden to create contemporary glass figurines.

Each design is a unique creation from each artist. The price and quality are exceptional!


Ludvig Löfgren


Joe Ledbetter

Arkiv Vilmansa

James Jarvis

Junko Mizuno

Michael Lau

Nathan Jurevicius

I was able to pick up some of the figurines. Thank you to Jody, who came with me to film our adventure and help capture this event.

I got an extra one for my friend, Victor.

The products are fun and worth it. They can be used as home decor or added to a toy collection. Hopefully, in the future, we will see more of this type of project from IKEA.

You can check out my video on my Youtube channel.

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Edited by Larnna P. Thompson