Armature Works – Tampa, FL

I want to thank my editor, Larnna, for recommending that I visit Armature Works, located in Tampa. I took advantage of my new year vacation to explore this new spot.

After doing a little research, I was excited to see what this place had to offer. It reminded me of my trip to Atlanta’s Ponca City Market which I highly recommend checking out, especially if you’re into the industrial feel and repurposing a space.

Below is some official information and history about Armature Works:

“Armature Works dates back to 1910 and was once the storage and maintenance facility for Tampa Electric’s (TECO) streetcars.

Once known as the TECO streetcar warehouse, the Armature Works structure played a significant role for the City of Tampa as the repair and storage facility for the Tampa Electric Street and Railway Company (formerly known as the Streetcar Barn). The barn was an integral part of Tampa’s development in connecting the surrounding neighborhoods.

In 1946, the system was abandoned for more modern means of transportation, the automobile. Tampa Armature Works, a phosphate machinery manufacturer, purchased the building from TECO in 1960. Today, Armature Works has been repurposed to its originality, becoming the heart of the Heights neighborhood as a mixed-use commercial building.”

The drive from Orlando to Tampa was only about an hour and a half which wasn’t too bad. It was such a beautiful day to explore and be outdoors.

The building was huge and there were plenty of parking spots.

There’s an “outdoor patio” that is dog friendly where you can enjoy the nice weather.

The front looked like it’s still under construction for now but I think they may be building something to accommodate live events.

Even though the building has been revamped, there’s still a factory feel to it.

Inside, there are many seating areas throughout so you can end up spending a whole day here, relaxing.

There’s also courtyard seating.

They offer 3 types of water, including my favorite, sparkling, and it’s free!

My wife and baby girl, relaxing 🙂

I hope Orlando builds a place like this. The closest thing, so far, is East End Market and it’s small with very little parking.

I had a great time in Tampa, seeing something new. Stay tuned for our next post with more details about Armature Works.


Address: 1910 N Ola Ave, Tampa, FL 33602

Phone: (813) 250-3725


Edited by Larnna Thompson