Graze 1910 – Tampa, FL

After exploring and checking a bunch of cool places to eat inside Armature Works, we came across Graze 1910 which was one of the busiest spots there.

It served breakfast and brunch, and after taking a look at the menu, we knew we had to eat here.

The set up and branding they had was on point.

There’s bar and table seating available.

The menu is posted on the wall, next to where the line begins. I really liked how simple and clean it looked.

Once you place your order, they ask for your cell phone number so they can text you when your food is ready to be picked up.

Larnna’s husband, Geno, ordered a Boylan Creme Soda which looked delicious so I plan to grab one next time.

I ordered the chicken and waffle with maple and bacon syrup. The chicken was very good — soft and tender, and not dry.

Larnna also ordered the chicken and waffle with maple and bacon syrup but also added the chorizo gravy on the side for a savory option.

In addition to his creme soda, Geno ordered the Graze burger with tater tots.

My wife ordered the spicy chicken with slaw and Sriracha with potatoes on the side. The combo was really good and totally different than any other chicken sandwich I’ve tasted before.

This is definitely one of my new favorite places that serves chicken and waffles!

Thanks again to my editor, Larnna (@dessertforyoursenses), recommending this place! I can’t wait to go back again!

Located in Heights Public MarketArmature Works

1910 N Ola Avenue Tampa, FL


FRIDAY 7am-10pm

SATURDAY 8am-10pm

SUNDAY 9am-8:30pm


Edited by Larnna Thompson