Sate Bawah Phon Legian – Bali, Indonesia

The pork satay was a popular dish in Bali. Many food lovers or bloggers visit this one destination when they visit in Bali, Sate Babi Bawah Pohon (translation, “pork satay under the tree”).

Budi, Josh, and Rendy told me that this place has been around for many years. The restaurant is right next to a soccer field called, Gelora Tri Sakti.

Everything was made fresh and grilled, BBQ-style, in an open kitchen so you can watch them grill the skewers.

The queue was so long and many tourists were lined up to get a taste.

The pork was marinated really well and the flavor was sweet.

They typically provide a chilli and some sea salt, on the side, with your order. You can also choose to get rice or rice cakes.

This is possibly is the best satay I’ve ever had. It was so delicious and I can see why this place had a lot of people waiting in line.

Edited by Larnna Thompson