There was a big announcement from their annual Democratic Design Days. The project celebrated student life and work life with the soon-to-come playful FÖRNYAD collection.

IKEA teamed up with Sarah Andelman, Creative Director of Colette (a Parisian concept store). I personally received an email from her, several years ago, when I was curating the Funny Club Show.

One of the coolest things is that they added designer, Craig Redman, who’s known for his egg-shaped character, Darcel Disappoints. I love his characters so much. He’s an icon for fashion and design.

Here’s the display at our local IKEA store, near the entrance.

If you already have the KLIPPAN loveseat, you can get this Förnyad multi-colored cover ($59.00) for it.

I love the patterns and colors.

They also have the Box ($7.99), set of 3, to store pencils and other school supplies. They came in black and blue.

The black backpack ($24.99) is customizable and allows you to add fabric patches that come in a set of 4 assorted patterns ($5.99).

There was also a blue table ($129.00), a side table on casters ($99.00), and a stool ($49.00) available for purchase.

As well as a 4-piece dinnerware set ($14.99).

A 4-piece desk set ($7.99).

A LED work lamp with wireless charging in blue and white ($59.99).

One of my favorite pieces from the collection was the large size character rug with Darcel Disappoints on it.

“The pattern is fun with elements from my favorite park in Paris, it reminds me of the good times I have when I visit the city.” – Darcel, Designer

The FÖRNYAD rug in black ($89.00).

The artwork was not for sale.

The main reason I came for this collection was for the Darcel Disappoints plush toy ($6.99).

The displays showed that most of the pieces were still available.

I couldn’t wait to display this little guy at home with the rest of my plush toys.

Thank you to my wife and daughter for coming with me so that I could see the collection.

Be sure to check out the IKEA website for more information:



Edited by Larnna Thompson