How to make the Custom Mega Gunteq 63

I would like to thank Martian Toys for inviting me to the NYCC custom show For this post I would like to show the process on how I make the customs.

Fresh from the package

12.5-inch tall base model!

I love this blank and it is much easier to separate them

A complete view of the blanks

The most time I spent on this project was the sanding job, I try to make sure everything is smooth and nice. For this piece time, I drew inspiration from my favorite cartoon animation from the ’80s.

After I completed sanding it was time for color testing.

I had to make sure each color will be combined well together complete

Complete head view.

Being a huge fan of Verdy from japan. His brand Girls don’t cry really inspired the design for Boys Don’t Cry.

After 2 weeks, work was slowly being put together and finally ready. The Gunteq 63 is ready to roll.

Overall it was a lot of work and I was really happy the way it turned out. During NYCC they didn’t get sold but the piece was sold in the online store. Thanks so much for everyone checking this cool custom and supporting my projects!