Full Sail On Air Events: Dissecting your brand: From Idea to Marketplace

I always have the vision to bring some local talented artists and creative people in Orlando to Full Sail . I approached Nat from Full Sail and having this creative event students. So I invited my friends Julius Mayo Jr, Varick Rosete, Rob Campman and my self Nakanari – The event is “Dissecting your brand : From Idea to Market place” This diverse panel of industry professionals will share their experience on what it takes to get your idea or brand into a tangible asset ready for the market.

Backgrounds include, Music Industry, Social Media and Photography, Character Design, and Event Curation/Promotion/Production.

*   Julius Mayo Jr. – Creative Brand Manager of green cents™ & Founder, Blogger, Photographer of Droolius
*   Varick Rosete – Art Director, TigerLily Media & Creative, Varick Rosete Studio
*   Rob Campman – Recording Artist
*   Nakanari – Creative Director / Co-Founder Mai Hiro

The event was happening by Thursday, June 2, 2016 4:00pm – 5:30pm (doors 3:30pm)

Also here are images on a 360 camera!

Getting ready for the event. This whole event was run by the whole production team and students. It was done very smoothly and professional.


Julius was the starting speaker an is a Creative Brand Manager of green cents™ & Founder, Blogger, Photographer of Droolius.

Julius is talking about how his brand started and the journey he went through to become a pronominal food blogger with his amazing photo shoots.

Next was Varick Rosete, Art Director of TigerLily Media & Creative and Varick Rosete Studio.

This is an awesome message and keeps you level for when you start your brand always keep a level head and be true to yourself.

During my part was sharing my journey to American and how I became a self taught artists and the creation of my own brand Maihiro.

Most important part in my life is my father able bring us to here and giving us new opportunities in America.

Everything we have in our brand starts with this simple statement.

Rob Campman is our local rap legend / Recording Artist from Orlando, many of our generation have heard his music and his stage name is south stars. I was amazed to know him from his mother GiGi, who is also my coworker in the international team.

We then began the Q&A session.

Rob was then asked to perform live on stage!

After the event, students were able to meet with each speaker and have a photo with them.

This event was successful and thanks to all the students and co-workers who came to support. Really appreciative to Nat and without him this event would’ve never happened.

YOUTUBE LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LgPYuA-seRU

Photo credit to : Gnat Media / @gnatmedia