Southern Hill Farms -Clermont, FL

Our weekend trip to Clermont was amazing! We went to the Southern Hill Farms which is a one hundred twenty-acre farm with the newest crops including delightful sunflowers and pumpkin patches.

About the Seasonal Crops, please check their website for the details.they will be perennial plantings include forty acres of blueberry bushes, five acres of peach trees and sixty-eight acres of ornamental trees. Our newest crops include delightful sunflowers and zinnias, both of which are available for picking during our Spring U-pick and Fall Festival. be planting strawberries within the next couple of years which allows us to extend our u-pick season, giving you another harvest to enjoy at the farm (in case the fresh donuts weren’t enough). The Fall Festival is a family destination to remember, held weekends in October.

The location is at Clermont, countryside area of Florida, but you still see a bunch casr try to get in the locations, they starting line up nearby the parking lot, highly recommend get the ticket online before you going, they also goes by time slot, they didn’t really check the ticket slot time when we arrived.

The entrance, please make sure to bring something like a sandals or shoes you don’t care about. This place is all fully covered by dirt and sand. Best time to go probably before they closed. Noon was way too hot.

first thing we checked out is the pumpkin patch, we took many family photos.

Neesa thought the pumpkins was her snacks.

Custom made Halloween lantern is for sale.

My lovely Yeezy 500 is getting destroyed in the dirt.

let’s taking Nessa first Halloween picture!

She loved it! check her big smiles.

Not so happy for the hot weather 🙁 highly recommend came after 4pm.

Everything else was great just the weather. Make sure do not bring nice shoes around here. The number one thing is checking the weather

make sure check more information at

Address: 16651 Schofield Rd, Clermont, FL 34714

Hours: make sure check the website for the open hour and date.

Phone: (407) 986-5806