Fear of God ESSENTIALS Fall 2019

Pacsun and Fear of God is returning back with new ESSENTIALS for 2019 falls. I was able to check our local mall and found out they have some stock left. Even some old stuff from previous line.

I was able orde the grey color 3M boxy tee and short .Also the Fog Essentials Boxy Photo Tee Black, a limited photo series by photographer Shaniqwa Jarvis on the back.

The tag was still the same

I love simple colors. grey is always easy to match with everything.

Testing the reflecting.

They quality for reflecting is very pop. Looks awesome with lighting on it.

Photo series is featured by photographer Shaniqwa Jarvis on the back.

Front has the small logo.

The white and back each has different photos.

I still think this line still worth it, even Jerry doesn’t go anything is crazy, always stay clean and minimal design, for sure the main focus of the line is a simple design but never skip with good quality for comfy wear.

Edited By John A